This is to inform all the foreign trained doctors who passed the Council’s Assessment Examination in November 2019 that attached below is a list containing the login details. You are hereby requested to kindly create an account on MDCN web portal and complete your registration and all other necessary applications for the provisional registration/licenses.

Below are the steps:

Step 1: Go to:
Click 2: create account
Step 3: Under Doctor’s Access
Click on register button
Step 4: Input your details on the Create Account form with the following details;
Folio number: xxxx. The folio Number is on the list
Step 5: Click Submit Now
And wait for 48hrs approval email
Login details will be sent to your email immediately
Upon the login, kindly update your profile
Please note that you are not registering for Limited or Temporary Registration (CLICK NO  OF SUCH POP UP).
Answer all the relevant questions as applicable to Provisional Registration before NMA and provisional registration payment will Display. 
Kindly use Computer system to do this Registration.
Qualification: M.B; B.S. M.D., or BDS as the case may.
• Indemnity Insurance Fee of N15,000
• NMA Building Levy of N20,000
• Foreign Trained Provisional Registration Fee- N100,000 
In which are part of the Requirements of completion of the Provisional registration process. 
You are to pay the NMA Building Project levy through and ADD RRR in your Portal.

Kindly pay the Registration fee of N100,000  through  the portal.

Click Yes for Provisional while filling the Indemnity Insurance Form
If any issue, Please send an email to: or

Call: Mr. Alinu: 08183873318, Miss Rachael: 08099054195, Osadolor: 07036432545

All Registration formality, payment and modernity MUST be completed before INDUCTION Ceremony. Failure to complete his/her Registration payment will not be ALLOWED to participate on the Oath taking ceremony. 

Thank you

For: Registrar


Login Details Of Successful Candidates : Click here to download