This is to inform the general public, that following the public reactions to the MDCN publication on the mandatory six-month Teaching Hospitals Attachment Programme for foreign-trained medical and dental graduates, especially the petition by Coalition of parents of foreign-trained medical doctors to the National Assembly and based on the outcome of the meetings MDCN held with the leadership of Joint Senate Committee on Health and House of Representatives Committee on Health Care Services and the House of representatives committee on Public Petition, MDCN hereby states as follows:

i.    The MDCN hereby withdraws the publication on the six-month attachment for foreign-trained medical and dental graduates and candidates are now left with the discretion to seek knowledge that will assist them with the Assessment Examination wherever and however they so desire. Candidates who have paid N10,000:00 (ten thousand naira) registration fees will have their money refunded.
ii.    MDCN will publish in due course the curriculum for the training which has been developed by the examiners to guide the candidates in preparation for the examination. This curriculum was brought out from the “Red Book” which is available on the MDCN website.
iii.    MDCN would also publish the performance pattern of candidates in the previous examinations based on country of training in order to guide parents in the choice of Foreign Universities for their wards and this will be done and published after every subsequent examination.