1. The Chief Executive/Chief promoter of the institution organizing CPD must be a registered medical/dental practitioner. In addition, at least three (3) of the resource persons must be medically qualified.
  2. Duly completed online CPD application form.
  3. Upload the Corporate Affairs Commission certificate of the organization.
  4. Upload the Medical degree certificate of the Chief Executive.
  5. Upload the current practicing license of the Chief Executive.
  6. Payment of an application fee of N20,000.00 (Twenty thousand naira) only.
  7. Upload credentials of at least 3 or 4 of the resource persons(Mbbs, Full Certificate, Additional qualification Certificate, Current annual license)
  8. Payment of a visitation fee upon receiving MDCN notification of approval of Application form.


a). Visitation fee for fresh applicants as independent CPD providers - N1,000, 000.00 in addition to being responsible for transport cost of three (3) members of the MDCN accreditation team.

b). Medical/dental specialty societies/associations interested in serving as CPD providers are to pay - N 200,000.00 for recognition as a CPD provider

c). Renewal fee for registration as a CPD  provider will be annual. i.e., Specialty Societies/associations are to pay N 100,000.00 and the independent providers are to pay N 250,000.00

9. All payments should be made through the applicant profile page on the MDCN portal.

10. Any payment made is non-refundable.